Natural Capital Externality Valuation (NCX™)

In order to manage risks and optimize opportunities, it is essential that corporations are able to measure and account for the complete value of ecosystem services that supply inputs, the social costs of any significant impacts on ecosystem services and the social costs of environmental damage from waste and pollution of air, land and sea. It is also important to identify potential gains from investing in environmentally conscious technologies, processes and markets.

GIST Advisory provides its clients with a toolkit to comprehensively assess, measure and account for their natural capital externalities. This tool is named NCXTM and includes components of the TEEB methodology developed under the leadership of our Founder and CEO, Pavan Sukhdev.

We evaluate the following 'externalities' or third-party impacts, arising out of the operations of a business due to the following important environmental or ecological drivers which are part of every day business operations.

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