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HCX™ Lite is a quick and easy way to value a company's human capital and ascertain its positive human capital externalities. By provisioning us with the necesssary indicator data, through our secure online portal, we are able to calculate and estimate the human capital created by the company as well as its human capital externalities. You can receive the results of our evaluation by email within one working day of receipt of our fees by registering through our online portal. 
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HCX VALUATION FOR INFOSYS LTD. (Estimation of human capital creation and human capital externalities)
GIST Advisory conducted an assessment of the positive externalities of the software and business consulting giant Infosys, which has utilized and implemented our HCX Model and reported the results in their 2011- 2012 Annual Report.

The reported results of Infosys’ human capital externalities appear in the table below:



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