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"Beyond Shareholder Value; Consumers, Innovation & Sustainability"

Business today is exposed to more risk and more competition than ever before, making profit margins more difficult to make and easier to lose. Corporate business models generate many change-drivers, which impact diverse stakeholders, who in turn influence corporate business models. Sustainability today drives innovation, and innovation is the cornerstone of sustainability. Few managers today know how to navigate this “Brave New World”– and GIST‘s Executive Training Program is designed to equip them to do so.

Course Structure:

Day 1:

Consumers, Innovation & Sustainability

This session covers the creation and successful marketing of sustainable products, including determining consumers’ willingness to pay for sustainable product attributes. We will also address segmenting markets between high and low WTP consumers and targeting them with different versions of sustainable products to maximize profitability and/or market share. Issues like determining the price premium for sustainable products, determining the magnitude of introductory discounts for low WTP consumers to encourage the use of sustainable products and shaping consumers’ opinions about sustainable new products, will be discussed.

Three Action Levels for Sustainability: Consumer, Firm, Society

This session covers issues like tiered targeting for Sustainability & the links between tiers, for example, consumer behaviour & responding with product & service innovation; business models, supply chains, company policies & CSR; transparency & disclosure for a better society; micro-policy reforms & “Corporation 2020”; and disclosing & internalizing externalities.

Day 2

Creating & Measuring Social Value: Old CSR and New CSR

This session covers the transition from Old CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility/Social Programs) to New CSR (Corporate Sustainability Response/ Transformation), in particular we will focus on social programs and how to target value and measure SROI (including Case Studies). We will also discuss the Dimensions of Social Value beyond SROI.

Value Chain Responsibility & Impact Measurement

This session covers Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA’s) & Life-Cycle Inventories (LCI’s), including how to set scope and boundaries for these assessments. We will discuss LCA’s as a toolkit for process & efficiency improvement, Environmental KPI’s and Measuring EP&L.

Preparing & Using a 4D-P&L

This session shows how to implement the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) framework in management & reporting using GIST Advisory's proprietary methods for measuring and valuing human, social and natural capital externalities, and combining them with financial value-addition for a four-dimensional profit and loss statement ("4D-P&L")

Beyond Shareholder Value

This session covers the 4D-P&L as ‘Stakeholder Performance’ and communicating ‘Stakeholder Performance’.Course Instructors


        Pavan  Sukhdev


Prof. Rajiv Sinha


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